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*floats facedown*

Time for bed

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So my mom had her two best friends and one husband over for the second Seder. I joined the Seder but wasn’t feeling well and went back in my room after it was over. Then later I went back out to get some soup before joining them at the table.

I went into the kitchen I heard the words ‘metal rod’ and ‘medical’ and ‘urethra’ and it occurred to me what they were talking about.

And, like a moron, I yelled out “are you talking about sounding!?”

Then they peppered me with questions. What was it. How did I know?

They wouldn’t stop and I had to educate my mother and her two best friends on what sounding was.

I just…


Then they just kept going on and on about all the shitty porny stories they have on their kindles….and they’d start cackling like hens when I made horrified noises at what they were saying…


And then the husband started asking me if I knew about this porn site and that porn site. Did I know what a merkin wig was (I didn’t actually thanks a LOT, guy!). This guy I’ve always found to be a major creep just kept asking me these gross questions.


And lastly, the conversation got more tame. Talking about how men with gray hair look really good. And one of the women asked me what dude I’m into right now. And I told them and showed them a picture. then I had to hear about how Ramin Karimloo would make a wonderful Christian Grey…


I just….traumatized forever to be honest….

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Burn’s suit! Burn’s suit!

Burn’s suit! Burn’s suit!

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:O UM!!!

1. I’m very loyal and a pretty good friend

2. I’m fairly intelligent

3. I have nice eyes

4. I can write fairly well

5. I have an active imagination


I’m not gonna send this around. You should ALL do it!

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Song: He Lives in You
Artist: Lebo M
Album: Lion King 2: Simba's Pride Soundtrack
Played: 21,817 times.



If you’ve never sat down and listen to the Instrumental of He Lives in You from Lion King 2 you are missing out on life man

it’s flawless

It is flawless and this song is underrated and I am gonna download it and put it on repeat. Like, this song is beyond perfect. I can’t.

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Astronomers may have just witnessed the birth of a small, icy moon within the rings of Saturn. And since it could be Saturn’s last natural satellite, this is a particularly rare and precious opportunity for us to learn about the formation of the planet’s many moons, including the…
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Tripping Over His Own Feet - Chapter Nine


Even knowing that I didn’t have my entire plan in place, I spent the rest of the night and much of the following day revisiting my opera, playing it over and over on my organ, letting my music surround me. For the first time in a long time, I felt quite whole. It was as though some unseen and benevolent God had finally taken pity on Erik. 

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Erik, you idiot


I quite enjoyed this chapter. My fellow Phans! You should totally be reading this fic. It’s Emmaline’s first major phanfic and she captures Erik quite wonderfully! 8]

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What Cities Would Look Like Without Lights

Click Here To See More!

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Shoutout to opera-ghostie for being my 200th follower! Her blog is perfect and I recommend you go followe her rightnow xP

>U< Why thank you, lovely! 

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12 Creepy Vintage Beauty Products

These are absolutely TERRIFYING.

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